About Us

About Us

FIT360 Ltd is a software company specialising in creating custom products which exactly fit a person and their needs. We are mechanical and design engineers with 30 years experience between us in creating software for various clinical and retail mass-customisations markets, including Dental, Orthopaedic implants, maxillofacial reconstruction and custom fashion footwear.


We believe that 3D design software (or 3D Prescription software) should become a part of the Practitioner – Patient/Customer consultation; helping to improve the clinical or performance outcome whilst removing the expensive, slow and often inaccurate paper & impression casting process. By putting domain specific design technology at the ‘coal-face’ we believe the patient can see and buy into an exact representation of their custom device during the consultation process.

Our short term goal is to help Labs (especially those with the now defunct OrthoMODEL) to at cut their custom insoles design times by at least half. Note – Large labs partners have already seen their throughput increase by over 65% (a circa 3 fold increase in output). Labs adopting our CAD solution will become FIT360 Hub partners.

Our medium term goal is to put 3D prescription software (simple CAD) in the hands of Practitioners at no up-front cost to the Lab or the Practitioner. We will allow any Practitioner to download and use our design software for free, and if they want to get them made they can send them to any FIT360 Hub partner locally or elsewhere in the world.
A FIT360 Hub can have a Lab specific version for their own clinics and customers to use. Designs from these versions will be locked to the Lab’s Hub seat.

At the same time we will continue to develop our ‘Make’ engine, allowing Labs and Practitioners to choose how they want to make custom orthoses, by milling or 3D printing positives or insoles directly.

Our long term goal is to capture non-clinical statistical data from the Patient experience once they are wearing their insoles and use the information to guide the design process. This aims to strengthen the Practitioner/Patient relationship whilst providing useful statistical information to Practitioners worldwide during the design cycle.

Overall the aim is to enable our customers to offer proactive and inclusive care to the out-patient patient community, preventing or stemming the need for in-patient clinical action later.

From a business perspective, we want to be disruptive by providing Computer Aided Design software as a service (SaaS) into several healthcare and retail markets requiring mass produced custom products. Our paperless and automated solutions will dramatically change the custom orthotic insole workflow for the benefit of all, whether it be Patient outcome, quality, speed or cost of delivery

Introducing the owners of FIT360 Ltd

Chris Lawrie – CEO

Chris Lawrie - CEO

I worked for 10 years within the UK Automotive industry before joining Warwick University in 1995 as a senior research fellow, specialising in Engineering Technology. Over the past 15 years I have specialised in building sales organisations and products for mass customisation solutions. After many years focusing on maxillofacial reconstruction, dental implantology, custom orthotic insoles & custom footwear solutions I decided to create a company with Jason, focusing on custom orthotic insole CAD, CAM and 3D Printing.

Jason Hogan – CTO

Jason Hogan CTO

With almost 2 decades of experience in pioneering bespoke CAD\CAM solutions; I have delivered a number of successful bespoke health design and manufacturing solutions covering a wide range of sectors including dental restorations, dental orthodontics, facial prostheses, custom orthotics, joint replacements.
I was the original development manager for Delcam’s OrthoModel so it made sense for me to start this company to create something faster and better using modern technology.